Currency Exchange Automation System (Qmex)

ebsor Currency Exchange Automation System (Qmex) is a multi company, and multi user application software which may be used as an individual system, or as part of a complete ebsor business solution.

It’s easy to use custom-made application software designed to streamline the business activities of small and medium range currency exchange establishments in the kingdom. Qmex has an integrated, simple financial module that will provide a clear picture about the actual financial aspects of the business functions in real-time. Because of the business nature of currency exchanges, we have designed as much as flexible database structure in Qmex so as to contain more functions and enhancements at any advanced levels. Financial module features are basically the same, as mentioned in the Financial Management System.

Master Cashier, Sales Counters, Cash Transfer to Sales Counters and Returns end of the day are the key functions available in a standard ebsor Currency Exchange Automation System. True bi-lingual (Arabic/English) software having a user-friendly interface and the below features are the main attraction in the system.


Counter Management
  • Cash Purchase
  • Cash Sales
  • Cash Stock
  • Cash Counters
  • Transfer -Out
  • Transfer - In
  • Balance Transfers
  • Opening Stock
  • Closing Stock
  • Reports (Customized Reports)
  • Bi-Lingual (Arabic/English)
  • Country Setup
  • Currency Setup
  • Exchange Rate Management
  • User Creation
  • User Access Rights Management
  • Change Language
  • Documents Posting
  • Data Backup
  • Year Closing