Inventory Management System

An Inventory Management System shall be considered suitable to any business organization only when that has been made in accordance with the same industry or similar industry and that’s the place where ebsor comes into the picture. Our Inventory Management System is a multi company, multi warehouse, multi department, multi pack-size application software which may be used as an individual system, or as part of a complete ebsor business solution.
An effective Inventory Management System can take care of all the functions from purchase requisitions, GRN, stock controls, sales and orders through all the way to an integrated Financial Management System along with the financial aspects of each and every transactions separately or consolidated for the whole organization.

Wide variety of filtering options are available in the system to fetch the reports for any particular product group, category, sub category as a summary, detail and or any other level of analysis in terms of purchases, pricing, sales transaction etc…
Stock Control, Purchasing & Procurement, Sales & Order Processing are the sub-modules available in a standard ebsor Inventory Management System. True bi-lingual (Arabic/English) software having a user-friendly interface and the below features are the main attraction in the system.


  • Support Multi Company
  • Support Multi Warehouse
  • Support Multi Department
  • Support Multi Sub Department
  • Support Multi Packing
  • Support Color & Size / Batch Number & Expiry Date
  • Support Barcode
  • Option to generate in-house barcode
  • Support Supplier Level Item Generation
  • Support Part Number Mask
  • Choice of Method of Costing (Weighted Average, Standard Cost, FIFO, LIFO)
  • Comprehensive user-defined security features – only authorized users may view, enter, update or delete data
  • Complete audit trail of transactions logged with user id and date of entry
  • Batch OR Online posting Facilities
  • Provision to view reports on screen
  • Integration with Accounting system
Purchasing & Procurement
  • Purchase orders
  • GRN against P.O
  • Local purchase (Cash and Credit)
  • Overseas purchase (Cash and Credit)
  • Purchase report by date/by item/by supplier
  • Purchase return report
  • Variety of Reports
Sales and Order Processing
  • Quotation
  • Invoicing (cash and credit)
  • Sales summary report by date
  • Sales report by item
  • Sales report by salesman
  • Profit and loss report by item
  • Sales return report
  • Variety of Reports