Retail Point of Sales System

ebsor Retail Point of Sales System is a multiple Till-Count, and multi user application software which may be used as an individual system, or as part of a complete ebsor business solution. When the connection is available, online synchronization will take place with the ebsor Back-Office System. At the same time, POS Can work offline also and end of the day after the Till-Count, sales can be posted to the Back Office Inventory to the corresponding days.

Promotions, discount options (with authorization), Invoice barcode for better item tracking (in case of sales returns) and Product Catalogue with Image, price details are some of the special features available in a standard ebsor Retail POS System. True bi-lingual (Arabic/English) software having a user-friendly interface and the below features are the main attraction in the system.


  • Item/Barcode, Price modification (Downloading from the server)
  • Invoices, Reports upload
  • Day Opening
  • Session Opening
  • Session Closing
  • Day Closing
  • Sales invoices with special option (in order to serve the customer speedy)
  • Sales Return with special options
  • Sales with promotional items
  • Session Reports and End of the day reports