Customized Software Development

As the name says, effective business solutions on request (ebsor); the primary objective is to provide customized business solutions and services as per the specific requirements of the business community especially in the Middle East and North African region. Information and communication technology has a vital role and is more or less inevitable in today’s business world where transparency and accuracy of information in real-time is truly the most important factor.

In a truly competitive and technologically advanced business world, ready-to-use package solutions with conventional methods and practices are not agile enough due to the lack of flexibility for a specific requirement. At ebsor, we take time to understand the clients’ business processes and workflows as the initial step. Once the actual process flow has understood properly, we analyze the scope and level of customization (if required) to incorporate in our applications. Only after we complete this whole exercise successfully, we move forward to the proposal and contractual agreement procedures etc…Thus we make sure that, we always deliver a suitable and effective business software solution to every client we deal with.

Well trained in the latest technology and programming methods, our system analysts and engineers are conversant with:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • MySQL
  • Visual Studio
  • ASP .Net
  • C-Sharp
  • Etc...